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“If birth is like a wedding, postpartum is the marriage.”

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Kisti Thomas Ring Postpartum Winnipeg Doula Support

Welcome to Peg City Doula, your centre for postpartum, breastfeeding, and infant sleep support in Winnipeg, MB. As a part your village I can help your family to:

 achieve your breastfeeding goals;
 decrease risk of postpartum mood disorders;
 overcome postpartum feelings of being overwhelmed and depleted, &
 be more confident in your skills and identity as a new parent in the months following birth.

~ Kisti Thomas-Ring

Postpartum doulas are like hiking guides or personal trainers. New parents are learning a new job in an unfamiliar environment. Having a professional who can explain what is happening, and spot the signs and sights around them improves the experience. Caring for a newborn and recovering from pregnancy and birth is a learned skill! Whether or not this is your first baby it takes time to gain confidence and feel competent your new role.

Postpartum Doula Support


The birth of a parent is often more intense than birth itself. Reduce postpartum depletion and overwhelm, and find confidence and connection in your new family with the support of a postpartum doula.

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Breastfeeding Support


Find comfort and confidence in breastfeeding with an in-home support visit. Get help with resolving common problems (is this normal or not?), and access timely local referrals to address complex issues directly.

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Winnipeg Doula Baby sleep help


Wishing you could all get a bit more sleep? Learn about healthy and safe sleep habits, and follow your instincts when it comes to your new baby. Create a custom family sleep plan at an in-home consultation.

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“Kisti is a great listener and provided non-judgemental, level headed and evidence-based support.”

- Laura R., Winnipeg mom of two

Discover the best resources in Winnipeg, MB
for expecting and new parents and new babies – from postpartum recovery to fun things to do with your little one(s).

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