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Meet Kisti…

Welcome to Peg City Doula! My name is Kisti and I am a Postpartum Doula, Breastfeeding Educator, and Infant Sleep Educator supporting expecting and new families in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Over the past fifteen years my interest and passion for women's health has grown from a Women's Studies class at the University of Winnipeg, to volunteering at the Women's Health Clinic for seven years, to beginning doula training while completing my Master’s degree.

Almost 2 years ago I brought my first baby home from the hospital. Through my birth experience I learned the importance of being informed in advance about decisions and options that can come up during labour (I was in no mood for decision making during active labour!), and how to manage when unexpected situations arise.

Most importantly, I learned that by preparing in advance and having excellent support during labour, birth, and the postpartum months the outcome of my experience could be more than just a healthy mom and baby, but an empowering experience I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

The postpartum journey...

Like many first time parents, those first postpartum weeks and months were a shock. Despite having a professional education in postpartum support, and a husband who is a medical doctor, we felt only slightly more prepared going through the experience ourselves. It was hard to remember anything after being awake for several days straight labouring, going through an intense physical experience, then landing in a space of hormonal and emotional adjustments, functioning on a few hours of sleep, and trying to learn how to feed our son (breastfeeding may be a natural choice but it’s not a natural skill for the mom or the baby)! I credit the sensitive and encouraging postpartum support of my husband, our midwife, doula, and community support groups to our success in achieving our goals during this time.

Kisti Thomas Ring Postpartum Doula
Kisti Thomas Ring Postpartum Doula Support

Why Postpartum Support?

My experience of pregnancy, birth, and watching my son develop and grow has changed my life and renewed my interest and passion for supporting families through the childbearing year and beyond. While preparing for your birth and postpartum experience never guarantees any particular outcome, being informed about your choices and options can help you to be more satisfied with how things went and understand why decisions needed to be made, even if you don’t achieve all of your hopes and wishes in the end.

I understand from professional and personal experience how overwhelming the childbearing years can be.

Birth is just the beginning … the wedding, if you will.

It is so many things at oncebig, exciting, scary, overwhelming. So much time is spent on birth options, baby registries, etc. We forget that it is only the beginning of something even bigger than a few days of labour. Postpartum is when you actually get to know this new little person. You are constantly discovering what kind of parent you are, and want to be – a million big and little choices every day. It is a huge transition that can be more intense than childbirth itself, but without the team of support people that are present at the birth.

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